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Type of Chiavari Chairs

18 July, 2020

Type of Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs are available in a few different material options to meet varying needs, preferences, and budgets.

Wooden Chiavari Chair

Wooden Chiavari chairs provide a natural and rustic look. They will generally be found at events and establishments with a more traditional or old-fashioned decor. Although there can be some variation in the stain between chairs, a wooden option can be easily refinished to cover up blemishes. Their weight capacity can be around 450-1,000Lbs depending on the construct.

Resin Chiavari Chair 

Resin Chiavari chairs are extremely strong and highly durable against impact and strain. They are the most popular material option but will also be sold at the highest price point. Because the material is colored throughout, scratches and blemishes are naturally hidden by the product if they occur. Their weight capacity can be around 1,000Lbs.

Regardless of the material, assembled chairs will be stronger than knockdown chairs that require assembly, as they are made with heavier duty hardware. However, knockdown chairs will be available at a lower price point, while sacrificing some strength.

Metal and Aluminum Chiavari Chair 

Aluminum Chiavari chairs are durable for repeated use and resistant to scratching. Depending on the construct of the chair, they will generally need a plywood-base cushion to keep the chair seat from warping over time. Their weight capacity can be around 1,000Lbs.

Chiavari Chair Classification

Wooden Chiavari Chair with American Classic Style

Wooden Chiavari Chair with Original American Style

Wooden Limewash Chiavari Chair with UK Style

UK Style Wooden Chiavari Chair with Special Back

Wooden Bar stool Chiavari Chair

PC Resin Chiavari Chair with Regular Structure

PC Resin Chiavari chair with Metal Tubes

PP Resin Chiavari Chair  

Resin Chiavari Chair with Monobloc Structure

Resin Diamond Chiavari Chair

Kids Chiavari Chair

Iron Chiavari Chair

Aluminum Chiavari Chair

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